Baby its cold outside…..

But I am still rocking my heels….. as I near the 30th week of my pregnancy, my shape and clothing is changing, its a scary thought that I will be a virtual Mummy in just a few more weeks, not just a virtual wife!!!

While I can still look glam I will do, because in a few weeks, as you know if you have been pregnant in real life, I will look like a tramp, hair un-brushed, clothing un-ironed and my house will look like a tip!!

Today’s shoe of choice (despite the snow) is Glamistry’s Statice heels, as with all Glamistry’s amazing shoes, these come in several colour options, and the are still priced at L$479 lindens for the fat pack or L$199 for single colours.



Glamistry Statice Sandals @ Glamistry

Photo taken at The Cyprian Garden

Catwa Jessica mesh head and eyes @ Catwa Mainstore

Slink Hourglass body, casual hands and high feet @ Slink Mainstore

Lara Hurley Christy pale skin @ Lara Hurley

Truth Ice hair in blonde with bangs collection @ Truth Mainstore

Blueberry Radience dress in black and Denim jacket @ Blueberry Mainstore

RealEvil Industries Simone Collar and Lux face piercings @ RealEvil Industries




New Year, New Life, New Baby!!

Send out the old, bring in the new……………. 2016 was a turbulent year in both second life and real life….. I split with Michael in both worlds, he was not a good match for me, my little man started nursery in real life, I met Mikey in real life, and we got married and are now expecting a baby in second life.

Life is changing more and more every day, people have come and people have gone.

In real life me resolutions are to loose a significant amount of weight, and to get rid of the dead wood in my life. So here’s to 2017, Myself, Mikey and Daisy (my not so little bump) wish you a very happy new year!!!!

Today’s boot’s of choice are Edelweiss by Glamistry, they are the right side of sexy and casual!



Photo Background – London Big Ben and London Eye on New Years Eve

Glamistry Edelweiss Boots (black) L$499 fatpack or L$199 individual @ Glamistry

Catwa Jessica Head and Mesh eyes @ Catwa Mainstore

Lara Hurley Christy pale skin @ Lara Hurley

[Mandala] Steking ears set 5 @ [Mandala]

Truth Elira Hair in Blonde @ Truth Hair

Slink Hourglass Shape, Casual Hands and High Feet @ Slink Mainstore

Custom Pregnancy Shape made by Shilo Adored

Blueberry Miki Vest in Fun, and Tink Jeans in Black @ Blueberry Mainstore

*Xia Boutique* Diamond Cross Multi-band ring @ *Xia’s Boutique*

RealEvil Simone Collar and Lux Face Piercings @ RealEvil Industries



The calm before the baby storm…..

Life has been a whirlwind over the last few weeks, rl has not been kind to me health wise, or time wise, and my son has taken up a lot of my time…. however, now I have time to sit my pixelated feet down and relax in preporation for another bundle of joy entering my life in March…. My sl daughter is due at the start of March, so I am making the most of the time I have at the moment to relax, put my feet up and read a good book!!

Of course, my pixel feet beauties are from Glamistry as always…. I am loving the pale mint/duck egg blue version of their Anthurium shoes.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish every one a very Happy New Year, I hope 2017 is good to you.



Glamistry Anthurium Shoes – L$499 fat pack (L$199 single) @ Glamistry

Catwa Jessica Mesh Head @ Catwa

Mandala Steking Ears No 5 @Mandala

Slink Hourglass Physique, Casual Hands and High Feet @ Slink Mainstore

Lara Hurley Christy Pale skin for Catwa Jessica and Slink @ Lara Hurley

Truth Elira Hair in Blonde @ Truth

Blueberry Alissa Dress in Black @ Blueberry Mainstore

*RE* Simone Heart Collar, and Lux face Jewellery @ RealEvil Industries

Xis’s Boutique Diamond Crossed Multiband Ring @ Xia’s Boutique

Pregnancy…. a Second Life journey

I am currently 13 weeks pregnant in SL, this will be the only way my partner and I can ever have children, so we figured what the hell…. anyhow, I have been researching maternity wear for my Slink Hourglass figure, and to be quite frank, its dismal.

We have these wonderful shapes, that make us look amazing, and there is a lot of clothing out there, but when you come to look for quality (I am a Second Life clothing snob) outfits, so far I have found one, and this in itself is no good for the stage of pregnancy I am at as currently my bump is tiny (luckily really as I can still wear most of my wardrobe)!!!!

I have trawled the whole of marketplace, and tried to look in world too, but I’m falling flat on my face, its nearly as hard as it was in RL with my son.

So I challenge the designers in Second Life, my challenge is for them to come up with some gorgeous, flattering, affordable maternity wear for my figure




Photos taken at my gorgeous home @ Bella Pointe

House proivided by the lovely Liz, which is made by ~Bazar~ @ ~Bazar~

Catwa Jessica head and mesh eyes @ Catwa

Mandala Steking ears season 5 @ [Mandala]

Lara Hurley Christy pale skin @ Lara Hurley

Truth Elspeth Hair in blonde @ Truth

Slink Hourglass body, casual hands and high feet @ Slink Mainstore

RealEvil Industries Lux face piercings @ RealEvil Industries

HOC Industries Goto Glasses

Hilly Haalan Gwen Shorts and Jumper set @ Hilly Haalan

AviCandy basic low rise stockings in black @ AviCandy

Glamistry Peony boots in black @ Glamistry


Happy Advent…..

Its that time of year again….. one that makes children happy, and adults skint…. Christmas for many is a happy time, time to spend with family and friends, those you love and cherish, to exchange gifts and eat, drink and be merry!

For others however, Christmas is a time of sadness, of unhappy times, of not being able to provide for loved ones, a time to miss those no longer with us, where coldness envelops our world and we count the days until it is over!!

Myself, I am a lover and hater of christmas…. I have a small child in rl, who is now able to understand more the meaning of christmas, he is busy making cards, and is excited for all the adventures we have planned…. he also doesnt have a massive christmas list, he is, thankfully happy just to be with us, and doing things. However, christmas for me in the past has not been so joyous, and I remember those times sadly too.

Buuuut…. onwards and upwards is my moto for today, so the sl tree has gone up, and I am now sitting looking at its beauty……




Photos taken at our beautiful home rented from @ Bella Pointe

~Bazar~ House provided by my lovely friend Liz, crafted and fully furnished by ~Bazar~

Ta Merry Christmas Tree @ Tartessos Arts

Catwa Jessica mesh head and mesh eyes @ Catwa Mainstore

Mandala Steking Ears no 5 @ Mandala

Lara Hurley Christy skin in Pale @ Lara Hurley Mainstore

Truth Cerys Hain in Blonde @ Truth Mainstore

Slink Hourglass body, casual hands and high feet @ Slink Mainstore

Custom Shape – 16 Weeks Pregnant by Shiloh Adored

Blink2wink Sarcastic christmas Sweater @ Blink2Wink Mainstore

Blueberry Pizza Jeans in Grey @ Blueberry

Glamistry Heather Heels in Red @ Glamistry

Taox Tattoos @ Taox

RealEvil Simone Collar, Lux face piercings and Cora watch and bracelet set @ RealEvil Industries

The morning after the night before….

Yesterday was the best day of my life, as I said in my previous blog, I finally married my soulmate, in the presence of special friends…. This morning, I am as fresh as a daisy, despite 4 hours sleep, Mikey isn’t doing quite as well howeveer, and has had to don the shades to get him through the day ahead!


Our amazing friend Liz made a lovely video of our special day, and we are so thankful to her, you can find the link below…

Our wedding video

Mikey is now making me listen to Christmas songs, and on that note I will say goodbye for now!

xx hugs and kisses to you all xx








Its a nice day for a white wedding….

Today is a day I will never forget, I got to marry my soulmate Mikey, in the presence of our family and friends….the day was perfect from start to finish, and I truly felt like a princess. Our wedding was thrown together at short notice… I decided I didn’t want to wait until our first child was born, I wanted to do it right now, so within a week, the dress was bought, the venue chosen, and my wonderful brother and sister in-law decorated one of my favourite places to visit in sl, and put together 2 hours worth of amazing music.

The other person I have to mention here is my wonderful, talented friend Isabelle/Liz Cheren. She spent the day taking many photos and a video of our special day, and she helped me prepare and kept me calm.

We both feel incredibly lucky to have the wonderful people that we do in our lives…. our next wedding will be in RL, and I cannot wait for that day to arrive!


wedding 21_001.jpg

Now, down to the fashion of the day…. it was a nightmare finding a dress for the occasion being 3 months pregnant, but I found a perfect dress, which I loved so much… my shoes of course had to be from Glamistry…. I chose their Galla Heels which come in lots of gorgeous combinations, and are just L$479 for the fatpack!!

Galla glamistry.jpg


Featured image taken at the home of my wonderful friend Isabelle/Liz

Wedding photo taken @ Eclectica

First dance taken @  Zocalo

Slink hourglass body, casual hands and high feet @ Slink Mainstore

Catwa Jessica head and mesh eyes @ Catwa

Mandala Steking Ears series 5 @ Mandala

Lara Hurly Christy Skin for Catwa and Slink @ Lara Hurley

Truth Betsy (in rollers( and Solstice Hair @ Truth

Attraction of the Hibiscus tattoo @ Taox Tattoo

RealEvil Industries Lux face piercings and Simone RLV Collar @ RealEvil Industries

Amala Daddy’s Girl Necklace @ Amala

Diamond Crossed Multi-band Ring @ Xia’s Boutique

Big Beautiful Doll Poison Lingerie in white @ Secondlife market place

Breakout Wild Wedding Dress @ Breakout Mainstore

Glamistry Galla Heels in white and silver @ Glamistry